Season 4 of Erasing Shame

The fourth season of the Erasing Shame podcast—journey of healing around the world—is co-hosted by Helen Choi and DJ Chuang.

Introducing Season 4 of Erasing Shame (ep01)

Holidays, Hurts, and Healing (s4e03)

How do you heal from racialized trauma? (s4e04)

How to Be Fully Human (s4e05)

How to Tell Your Asian Parents about Depression (s4e06)

How to best support your friends who are going through anxiety during Coronavirus (s4e07)

Getting out from the shame of human sex trafficking (s4e08)

7 Practical Self-Care Tips in Stressful Times (s4e09)

Andrew Yang addresses emotional debt (s4e10)

When your loving family had traumatized you unknowingly (s4e11)

What does soju have to do with family shame? (s4e12)