We are erasing shame through honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, and personally, so Asian Americans and non-Asians alike can go from merely surviving to growing and thriving.

In September 2022, Erasing Shame turned a new chapter to focus on encouraging Christian Asian mental health, seeing how many other great podcasts are addressing mental health for Asian Americans.

In previous seasons of Erasing Shame, we covered many different aspects and dimensions of shame. Our conversations aimed to help people take steps towards healthy living and becoming more whole and healthy. Read this brief history of our past 5 seasons.

Plus, we produced a special series—erasing shame about mental health in Asian American communities—premiered in the summer of 2018.

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Here’s Where You Come In

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The Erasing Shame podcast is the digital outreach of Christian Asian Mental Health, a program of Catalyst Wellness Alliance. Your partnership in this work will empower more people in our Asian American communities to experience compassion and care through the challenges of life. Donate online.

Christian Asian Mental Health

Podcast Co-Hosts

DJ Chuang

DJ Chuang is currently working as an internet engineer and lives in Orange County, California and he is an Asian American of Chinese descent. He has personally experienced how shame-based cultures can hold people back from human flourishing and healthy living. He is long-time blogger at djchuang.com.

Season 7 Co-Host

Victoria Cheng is our youngest season co-host to date and she comes to us, currently, from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area. She moved between urban, rural, and suburban communities in Pennsylvania, Illinois, North Carolina, and Mongolia.

She writes: “I come from a line of resilient and adaptive humans. I was raised on simple sandwiches, steamed rice, Capri-Sun, boxed mac and cheese with hot dogs, Pittsburgh public schools reduced price lunch, Chinese grocery red bean buns, and annual steamed lobster birthday gifts from my YeYe and NaiNai. Community taught me the value of a hand-me down, the gift of waking up alive, and the importance of sharing resources and personal stories.

There is much to learn and unlearn. Thank you Jesus Christ for keeping me alive to see how many stories unfold. At the very least, I should stick around to climb more trees and sing more songs. At the most, I imperfectly bear witness to humanity and seek God’s goodness in the land of the living.”

Season 5 Co-Hosts

George Xiong

George Xiong, MA, LPC, NCC, is currently working as a mental health counselor with Hopeful Therapy in Vernon Hills, Illinois. George is a 2nd-gen Hmong American, and draws from his own work and experience of dealing with generational trauma and racial identity formation. He is a co-founder of the Yexus Communitas Podcast, which seeks to be a catalyst for the Hmong American Church in the areas of Theology, Identity, and Mission.

Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee is a therapist at Hanaro Therapy in California. She is passionate about journeying alongside people as they pursue healing, clarity, and empowerment. Her specialties include working through issues of anxiety, depression, PTSD, cultural/racial identity, intergenerational trauma, and interracial/crosscultural relationships.

Leah Abraham

Leah Abraham (she/her) is a writer, storyteller, award-winning journalist, and editor-in-chief of SheLoves Magazine. She grew up in India and relocated to the U.S. in her teens. She currently lives in Southwest Virginia with her husband and two cats. Her life’s calling is to be the best cat mom ever and to decolonize the world around her. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter @leahabraham9.

Season 4 Co-Host

Helen Choi is Korean Canadian. Helen Choi works as a dynamic, empathetic and experienced fundraiser. She is also a leading public relations consultant to nonprofits, public sector organizations and socially conscious driven for-profit enterprises. She is a strong advocate for compassion, generosity and thoughtful investment in causes related to vulnerable women and children. Learn more about her at iamhelenchoi.com.

Season 3 Co-Host

Nancy Ly

Nancy Ly is a 2nd generation Chinese/Vietnamese American. She is a graduate of Cal Berkeley where she studied Psychology and Education. She has a vast range of experiences in the community and nonprofit arenas, corporate HR, entrepreneurial leadership, and church ministry. Her greatest desire is to see people step into their full potential to make an impact and difference in the world. She has travelled to nearly 25 countries and is in process of becoming an Internationally Certified English Language Instructor and is also in process of writing a book to help bridge the Asian and American experiences and identity.

Nancy Ly is now working as a Cultural and Performance Coach, specializing in therapy-coaching for clients who identify as BIPOC, biracial, bicultural & multicultural. Connect with Nancy on Instagram instagram.com/befreewithnancyly.

Season 2 Co-Host

Maylee Chang works as a qualified Licensed Professional Counselor with Family Revelations in Minnesota. She graduated from Northwestern College and Wheaton College Graduate School. In addition to English, she speaks Hmong and Thai languages.

Season 1 Co-Host

Eunice Lee grew up on the East Coast and came to Los Angeles 10 years ago to work in non-profit for Asian-Americans youth. Since then, she has worked with undocumented women in domestic violent relationships and children who have experienced abuse. She has seen how shame can take us hostage and keep us from emotional and relational freedom. As a parent, she hope this dialogue of erasing shame will give her son more freedom, empathy and connection. Eunice work as a therapist in LA, specializing in bi-cultural and cross-cultural individual and family issues. Website: euniceleetherapy.com

Episodes and Articles

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Past Workshops & Webinars

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