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Erasing Shame is the podcast of Christian Asian Mental Health, a program of Catalyst Wellness Alliance. Learn More »

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Comments about Erasing Shame

Thanks for the openness to share. I sure hope this starts conversations that can help many more others.

Vicki C

Thanks again for this space you are creating for so many! Being honest in a space of non-judgment is a huge heart-opening practice… I see this is what you are doing with this podcast.

Lisa C

As a non-Asian I can relate a lot of this! This gives me a lot of language that I need to help talk about shame. It also helps me when I’m talking to my own therapist. Thank you for this!


I’m glad I stumbled on this podcast. The conversations taking place not only have helped me in my profession in helping minorities and others who have immigrated to the US, but it helped understand myself and my own family dynamics to have these difficult conversations to begin truly healing. Thank you guys!!! Very grateful to what you’re doing.


I love how things have been progressing at Erasing Shame! Just spent some time watching some more of the vids there and I’m quite impressed! Some super important things are being shared. Keep at it! I think what ur doing is so needed and important!


… have been really inspired by the erasing shame podcast concept. Have listened to a couple so far and am thankful for your work in shining a spotlight on these issues! Partly because of the podcast, I’ve been considering ways to begin dialog about shame within our women’s ministry. So, thank you!

from Houston

I appreciate what you’re doing with your work! There is a lot of shame [and] this is a hard topic to navigate through. So, I’m thankful you’re speaking and engaging this topic.. Keep up the good work!

from Missouri

Thanks for sharing. Much needed conversation shared with so much honesty and grace.

Clara K

Thanks for your podcast. I’ve listened to a few and look forward to more. This is a real issue among Asian North Americans and others.

Daniel W

Thanks for what you are doing with this blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. It is an encouragement for me as an Asian American who has struggled with depression most of my life. As a community living in the US, I find it so important to find safe places to share and connect. Shame can be such a barrier to looking for help.


It’s Safe to Talk Here

The Erasing Shame team would love to hear from you any time. Contact us (anonymously, if you’d like) and we’ll keep our communications confidential. We are here to support you and believe that you can experience more of the abundant life.