Episodes Season 4

Introducing Season 4 of Erasing Shame

Co-hosts Helen Choi and DJ Chuang will be taking you on a journey of healing around the world on this season of Erasing Shame.

Show Notes

Helen Choi: website | twitter @iamhelenchoi

Helen’s other podcast: Name It! Podcast, with Wild Woman Fundraising’s Mazarine Treyz

DJ Chuang’s website @ | twitter @djchuang

Season 1 Episode 1 has more of DJ Chuang’s back story

2 replies on “Introducing Season 4 of Erasing Shame”

Hello from Canada. Great show! Love Helen! Nice to “meet” you DJ Chuang. I deal with issues in the Black Community and was inspired by your discussion tonight to encourage these types of conversations within my community. God bless you both as you seek to support others as they journey.

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