Insights from a Suicide Attempt Survivor

#CW #TW Trigger Warning: Attempted Suicide

Next Gen Pastor Phyllis Myung speaks personally from her lived experiences of surviving suicide attempts and what it was like to be at that moment of despair, being overwhelmed with pain. 

By the grace of God, working hard to find her way to living healthy now, she shares what can save the life of someone who might have suicidal ideation and normal struggles with the stresses of everyday life – whether that’s school, work, marriage, or family. Thank you Phyllis, for sharing words of life.

Show Notes

• Are you in a crisis? Please call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. Or, contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

• QPR Institute – 3 steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide.

• The Best Way To Save People From Suicide – “What if this is what we should be doing? What if it’s that simple?”

• Caring Letters Prevent Suicide


Asian American Father and Son Talk about Depression and Suicide

#cw #tw trigger warning: depression, suicide, suicidal ideation.

DJ Chuang and his Son Jeremiah Chuang (Chinese American) talk about depression and suicidal ideation, based on their lived experiences and how they’ve been impacted by suicide loss, and suicide prevention warning signs.


• DJ’s personal crisis in 2017

• Are you in a crisis? Please call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. Or, contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

• September is National Suicide Prevention Month.

• American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

#RealConvo Guides from AFSP


Starting a Mental Health Ministry in an ethnic Asian Church

Having a mental health ministry in any church can be very challenging. It’s all the more challenging in ethnic Asian American churches because of our cultural contexts. 

We take a closer look at the practical details for how to start a mental health ministry in an ethic Asian church, based on the experiences at Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks, in California. You’ll hear about the divine provisions that made it possible for mental health to be addressed in their church; and then again, isn’t all that we have a gift and provision of God anyways? Our hope is that your church will be encouraged to address mental health too, because this is such an urgent need for many.

Pastor Curtis Lowe and wife Carol started the Enlighten Mental Health Ministry in 2018 to enlighten, encourage, and educate people facing the realities of mental illness to lighten our burden. 

And, you’re invited to come in-person or join online for the free Enlighten Seminar on October 1, 2022 – get seminar info and register at

Show Notes

Personal mental health experiences of Pastor Curtis Lowe and Carol (Sept 2019)


When a family member dies by suicide

#CW Content Warning #TW Trigger Warning: Suicides. 

How do you make sense of your own life and everything else in world, when someone you love dies by suicide? Research has found that each suicide affects around 115 lives, with 1 in 5 reporting that this experience had a devastating impact.

Korean American Erica Kang opens up and shares her poignantly honest story of surviving suicides in her very own family. She shares how she got through those devastating hard times and what she does to stay healthy and caring for herself and others. 

Our prayer is that her honesty will empower you and those you know to take the first step to get help when/if you need to express your painful feelings. Call 988 anywhere and anytime for the crisis & suicide lifeline. You’e not alone. There are people who care and can help.


Introduction: Encouraging Christian Asian Mental Health

Introducing a new chapter of the Erasing Shame podcast, as we embark on a faith adventure to advance compassion and care for Asians and Asian Americans. Listen to how this nationwide initiative will bring together collaboration in our communities to help nearly a million people in experiencing the abundant life. 

Show Notes

Asian American mental health podcasts


Sneak Peek: Leap of Faith into a New Chapter

Be among the first to hear what’s coming next for the Erasing Shame podcast, as we take a leap of faith into a new chapter and venture into new challenges and horizons.

Listen in with co-hosts DJ Chuang, George Xiong, and Hannah Lee Sandoval. As they say, we’re building the plane as it flies. Wheeeee…. 


Emily Wu Truong Speaks from Personal Experiences about Mental Health

Emily Wu Truong childhood wasn’t easy as a Taiwanese-American for so many reasons, being compared to high achievers, having depression, got bullied, and other challenges. Through the support of friends and personal growth, she’s become a mental health advocate and motivational speaker in the San Gabriel Valley area, outside of Los Angeles, for almost a decade. She shares poignantly on this episode of Erasing Shame about finding self-worth, dreaming big, and helping others through life’s ups and downs.

Show Notes

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Emily Wu Troung on YouTube

2015 interview

#article Life Lessons Beyond the Holiday Blues


When is the best time for Asian Americans to talk about mental health?

Japanese-American therapist Robyn Tamanaha talks with Erasing Shame co-host DJ Chuang during the month of May—AAPI heritage month and mental health month about those 2 themes. We chat about what helps Asian Americans most to get that first appointment with a therapist or counselor, the difference between Bipolar Disorder I and Bipolar II, some books Robyn’s reading, and how she hosts 2 podcasts, and more.

Show Notes

Robyn Tamanaha’s website:
Robyn Tamanaha on Instagram:

Conversations with a Therapist

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A Woman’s Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self

Are you worn down from trying to fulfill your parents’ expectations? Your Asian community’s expectations? Your manager’s expectations? Even God’s expectations?

On this special episode of Erasing Shame, Eunice Lee (author of “More Christ, More Me: One Woman’s Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self“) talks with co-host Hannah Lee Sandoval about her experiences of erasing shame and feeling not enough, towards a fulfilling life of healing, health, and freedom.

Show Notes

Eunice Lee website • @euniceleeauthor on Instagram

Eunice’s Book: More Christ, More Me: One Woman’s Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self

Episodes Season 5

Season 5 Finale: Highlights & Reflections

Our foursome (Hannah Lee Sandoval, George Xiong, Leah Abraham, and DJ Chuang) chat one last time for Season 5 of Erasing Shame.

Top 10 Episodes of Season 5

  1. Tim Ouyang of Tim Be Told, Uncensored
  2. Being Asians in America but not Belonging
  3. Deconstructing Wokeness; Processing for Healthiness
  4. Erasing shame about sex and sexuality with Tara Teng
  5. Listen in on a Counseling Session with Jeanie Chang
  6. Pain, shame, and trauma in Asian American church life with Lillian So
  7. Asian Americans React to Capitol Hill Events in January 2021
  8. Celebrating Our Heritage & Getting Honest About Our Mental Health
  9. Let’s Talk About Body Image with Cathy Trinh
  10. Erasing Shame about our Asian American Bodies