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Getting out from the shame of human sex trafficking (s4e08)

Crisis counselor David Dicken talks with Tyesa Harvey about the trauma and shame of the underworld of sex trade and prostitution.

Tyesa Harvey, co-founder of the Sex Crime Awareness Treatment Center (S.C.A.T), is passionate about working with women and children who have endured trauma, specifically related to sex crimes. Through the Center, Tyesa focuses on holistic healing as part of the rehabilitation efforts to help survivors of traumatic experiences reintegrate into society.

She was featured in “Shattered Dreams” – a sex trafficking documentary that has won several awards at film festivals. 

WARNING: This episode has explicit content for mature audiences.

Show Notes

Tyesa Harvey’s website + Facebook + Instagram @TyesaHarvey

Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America” – documentary film; watch the trailer at

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