Season 4

How to Tell Your Asian Parents about Depression (s4e06)

Shame keeps us uncomfortable and paralyzed, but others help us find the way out. Jud Chun of Asian Mental Health Collective and subtle asian mental health chats with co-host DJ Chuang about how next generation Asians around the world are part of a growing social movement that’s ending the stigma and shame about mental health, where topics like depression and anxiety are discussed in a supportive online community. And, you’ll hear Jud’s response to one of the most frequently asked questions on his “Ask a Therapist” livestreams.

Show Notes

Asian Mental Health Collective

Subtle Asian Mental Health – Facebook group

Subtle Asian Traits – Facebook group

The Meme-ification of Asianness: In the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, more than a million young people are articulating what it means to be Asian.” (The Atlantic, December 2018)

How ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Became a Global Hit” (New York Times, December 2018)

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