Episodes Season 4

How to Be Fully Human (s4e05)

Nôn Wels explains why being a feely human is absolutely essential to being fully human. That means feeling your feelings makes you more human and more healthy. DJ Chuang hosts this Erasing Shame conversation.

Nôn Wels hosts the You, Me, Empathy podcast and is launching the Feely Human Collective with a crowdfunding campaign—you can help make it happen! Nôn is passionately making space and developing ways to help people be more healthy and human.

Show Notes

Fully Human Collective – support the crowdfunding campaign at

You, Me, Empathy podcast—Sharing Our Mental Health Stories

Nôn Wels’ website

Nôn Wels’ story in written form + in episode #78 of You, Me, Empathy

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