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What does soju have to do with family shame? (s4e12)

We talk about trauma and healing amidst the cultural dynamics of Korean and Asian American families. Trauma-informed therapist Toni Kim joins co-hosts Helen Choi and DJ Chuang on this season 4 finale and explore how soju and jugeullae intersect with a culture of shame.

Show Notes

Toni D. Kim – Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapy

Open Path Collective

Can We Really Inherit Trauma?” Headlines suggest that the epigenetic marks of trauma can be passed from one generation to the next. But the evidence, at least in humans, is circumstantial at best. (New York Times, December 2018)

Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Korean American Immigrants: Moving Toward a Community Partnership Between Religious and Mental Health Services” by Hochang B. Lee, MD. Psychiatry Investigation. 2008 Mar; 5(1): 14–20.

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