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Starting a Mental Health Ministry in an ethnic Asian Church (s6e03)

Having a mental health ministry in any church can be very challenging. It’s all the more challenging in ethnic Asian American churches because of our cultural contexts. 

We take a closer look at the practical details for how to start a mental health ministry in an ethic Asian church, based on the experiences at Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks, in California. You’ll hear about the divine provisions that made it possible for mental health to be addressed in their church; and then again, isn’t all that we have a gift and provision of God anyways? Our hope is that your church will be encouraged to address mental health too, because this is such an urgent need for many.

Pastor Curtis Lowe and wife Carol started the Enlighten Mental Health Ministry in 2018 to enlighten, encourage, and educate people facing the realities of mental illness to lighten our burden. 

And, you’re invited to come in-person or join online for the free Enlighten Seminar on October 1, 2022 – get seminar info and register at

Show Notes

Personal mental health experiences of Pastor Curtis Lowe and Carol (Sept 2019)

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