Episodes Season 6

When a family member dies by suicide (s6e02)

#CW Content Warning #TW Trigger Warning: Suicides. 

How do you make sense of your own life and everything else in world, when someone you love dies by suicide? Research has found that each suicide affects around 115 lives, with 1 in 5 reporting that this experience had a devastating impact.

Korean American Erica Kang opens up and shares her poignantly honest story of surviving suicides in her very own family. She shares how she got through those devastating hard times and what she does to stay healthy and caring for herself and others. 

Our prayer is that her honesty will empower you and those you know to take the first step to get help when/if you need to express your painful feelings. Call 988 anywhere and anytime for the crisis & suicide lifeline. You’e not alone. There are people who care and can help.

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