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[Seen 4] A Conversation About Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

“When we’re talking about shame—and so much of shame manifests itself in silence and what we don’t say and what we don’t share—to find the courage and bravery within yourself to put these things out there, that you’re having a hard time and you need help… That’s strong, that’s being a strong mom. That’s doing your work to face shame.” —Emily Schnitger, LMFT

On this episode of “Seen: An Erasing Shame Podcast,” Eunice connects with Emily Schnitger, a therapist who specializes in maternal mental health and is trained in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Postpartum depression can be as stigmatized in our culture as mental health in general because our families often do not have the language to discuss this topic. Emily provides insight and experience working with new moms, and advice on how to support moms who may struggle with postpartum.

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