Episodes Season 5

Season 5 Finale: Highlights & Reflections

Our foursome (Hannah Lee Sandoval, George Xiong, Leah Abraham, and DJ Chuang) chat one last time for Season 5 of Erasing Shame.

Top 10 Episodes of Season 5

  1. Tim Ouyang of Tim Be Told, Uncensored
  2. Being Asians in America but not Belonging
  3. Deconstructing Wokeness; Processing for Healthiness
  4. Erasing shame about sex and sexuality with Tara Teng
  5. Listen in on a Counseling Session with Jeanie Chang
  6. Pain, shame, and trauma in Asian American church life with Lillian So
  7. Asian Americans React to Capitol Hill Events in January 2021
  8. Celebrating Our Heritage & Getting Honest About Our Mental Health
  9. Let’s Talk About Body Image with Cathy Trinh
  10. Erasing Shame about our Asian American Bodies

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