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Let’s Talk About Body Image with special guest Cathy Trinh (s5e08)

How many people are happy with their body just as they are, whether it’s about their weight, height, sexual attraction, appearance, or skin color?

Special guest Cathy Trinh—author, speaker, executive recruiter and life coach—joins the Erasing Shame co-hosts to have a life-giving and empowering conversations about body image. We share our personal questions and struggles with our bodies and also point to resources for healthy living.

TRIGGER WARNING: rape, suicidal ideation, addictions

Show Notes

Cathy Trinh

Buy Her Book, “The Journey: Mastering the Art of Slowing Down into a Beautiful Existence”

Finding a Mental Health Therapist for People of Color

New York Times article, “It’s Hard to Search for a Therapist of Color. These Websites Want to Change That.”

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