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[Seen 3] Hollywood Representation & Crazy Rich Asians

On this episode of “Seen: An Erasing Shame Podcast,” Senior Reporter at the Hollywood Reporter Rebecca Sun joins Eunice Lee to discuss the history of Asian-American representation in the media, the effects of whitewashing, and the triumph of seeing Asian-American representation on screen.

“Onscreen representation matters. It gives words or it gives visuals to experiences that we feel, and it validates them. It’s literally like a mirror. Why do we check ourselves out in a mirror? To make sure that what we are feeling is what’s indeed being presented, understood and conveyed accurately. And so when you don’t have representation, it’s like you’ve been walking through this world without a mirror. You are completely not in control of how you’re being perceived.”

– Rebecca Sun

*** CORRECTION: the podcast Eunice mentioned is called “They Call Us Bruce” by Phil Yu and Jeff Yang


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