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[Seen 2] Developing Effective Cancer Treatments for Asian Americans

“Asian-Americans haven’t been included in the process of cancer research. Recent clinical trials helping develop new drugs or therapies show that Asian-Americans only represent about 3% of people in those studies. As a result, a lot of the drugs that are currently available for cancer treatments may not be effective within our own populations.”

Eunice Lee Therapy ( talks with Colleen Nguyen (  of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard ( about the silence around the topic of cancer and the gap in creating cancer therapies for Asian-Americans. Colleen is leading community engagement efforts for Count Me In, a new model of cancer research that hopes to reach people where they are. 

Erasing Shame hopes to promote emotional, physical and mental health. Please share this video and information with friends, family and anyone who has been touched with cancer, and feel free to contact Colleen or fill out this form to further cancer research in the Asian-American community.

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