When People Think You’re OK But You’re Not OK

Why is it difficult to express feelings as an Asian American? How does one learn to understand and express one’s own emotions? How does social media contribute to stereotypes about depression? Meagan shares about her struggles with both anxiety and depression in high school and college. ABOUT THIS SERIES: We are having honest talk about healthy […]

Going to College was the Hardest Thing in Her Life

What does a balanced healthy life look like? Brooke Lee interviews her therapist mother Dr. Rachel Lee. Here’s a Korean American daughter and mother having a heart-to-heart conversation and we get to listen in.   They have an honest talk about how her family prepared Brooke for life, but hard times still come. Brooke details […]

When Her Secret Life Fell Apart, She Couldn’t Hide Anymore

Karis grew up feeling confused and isolated about her ethnic backgrounds, both Caucasian and Asian. She didn’t know who she was or where she belonged. That loss of identity turned into many kinds of personal struggles and issues: eating disorder, drinking, and hurting. When she finally told someone, she began her journey towards healthy living. […]

Family Feelings of Insecurity are Contagious

How can Asian American immigration cause mental health problems? Did you know that anxiety and self-esteem issues could get passed down from one generation to the next? Dan shares how he was affected by his mom’s psychological state. He also details the history of Chinese immigration into Mexico! ABOUT THE SERIES Our summer series, Erasing […]

What if saving sex for marriage isn’t so great?

This is a sex talk from a Korean American Christian woman. Not the kind of talk that’s a presentation or lecture. Hanna talks honestly about her very own story of discovering quite a number of unexpected things that she even described as traumatic. Here’s why it’s important. Because when talking about sex is taboo growing […]

Korean American Pressures to be Perfect

How do social pressures in Korean and Asian American families contribute to mental health disorders? Can feelings of failure turn into depression? Andrew has seen a lot: emotional neglect and performance anxiety. But he hit a breaking point when he tried to make everyone else happy. Listen to him reveal how he learned to express […]

Finding Strength to Recover from Anxiety

How does mental health get affected by career changes? How is mental health related to fear of disappointment? Annie Choi shares her story and healing journey. She learns that acceptance is a step on the path towards future health. ABOUT THE SERIES: Our summer series, Erasing Shame about Mental Health, releases a new episode every […]

The surprising truth about depression for Japanese Americans

Dr. Rie Mizuki shares about her experiences with having depression, anxiety, and insomnia. She has lived in Japan and the USA and speaks to the cultural shame involved. As a therapist, having both professional training and personal experiences greatly helps people cope with depression. If you think you might have depression, there is help. Consider […]

Erasing Shame about Mental Health- New Summer Series

Let’s kickoff our special summer series, Erasing Shame about Mental Health! DJ Chuang and Dan Jeung describes what we will be doing in the next 10 weeks, why we’re doing this, and reveal our special interviewer. We are having honest talk about healthy living. We will talk about hard topics like sexuality, depression, anxiety, family […]

What do you wish someone would have told you? (Episode 15)

Adulting is not easy. Annie Choi (owner of Found Coffee) shares her 3 wishes—for what she wished someone would have told her about life after college. She talks about her life experiences with careers, gratitude and failure. Beyond the formalities, this episode is just two Korean-American ladies joking around and having real talk about culture, […]