Episodes Season 3

Filipino-American identity, history, and cultural expectations (s3e14)

Dr. Amanda Solomon Amorao chats with co-host Nancy Ly at UCSD between classes and they explore the complexities of understanding identity, historical context and cultural expectations within the Filipino-American community.

About our guest

Dr. Amanda Solomon Amorao received her PhD from the University of California San Diego. Her research specialty is in Filipino American cultural studies and contemporary U.S. multiethnic literature. She has taught classes at UCSD since 2004 in the humanities, literature, ethnic studies, critical gender studies, and first-year writing. In 2017, she was named Director of UCSD’s Dimensions of Culture Program which teaches freshmen students the skills of critical thinking, reading, and writing by exploring questions of diversity, justice, and imagination in U.S. history, culture, and society. When not teaching, Dr. Solomon Amorao is a community organizer, former Executive Director and volunteer with the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program, and mom to Arya Lumaya age 3.


Kuya Ate Mentorship Program – KAMP’s mission is to foster an educational program that develops critical thinking skills and primarily focuses on the study of Filipino and Filipino American culture, history, and identity in order to pursue social justice