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Seasonal and Long Term Community Part 1 (s7e03)

In 2016, high school Victoria met high school Christin. Somehow, Christin thought Victoria was cool- an adjective Victoria did not believe about herself to be true until 2024 when cool adult Christin met cool adult Victoria. Their current subjective definition of “cool” is equivalent to “weird- the good kind”.

Listen to the story of how the two met during one pivotal transition period for Victoria. Consider their following questions: When you are in a temporary season of life (e.g. a new school for education, a foreign country for language learning, a different state for employment) is it worth investing in new friendships? What is your general definition of a “good” friend? How do you maintain long distance friendships? What do you do when friends drain your energy or you face conflict?

Submit your answer to our bonus question at the end and your reasoning!

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Victoria Cheng


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