Season 3 of Erasing Shame

The third season of the Erasing Shame podcast—honest talk for healthy living, growing, and thriving—is co-hosted by Nancy Ly and DJ Chuang.

Growing and Thriving – Season 3 Opener

What Brené Brown Overlooks about Shame (s3e02)

Healthy ways to release painful and toxic emotions (s3e03)

If your family history has dysfunction and trauma (s3e04)

Identifying Cultural Shame in Your Life (s3e05)

Why and How Honest Conversations are Erasing Shame (s3e06)

How High Achievers Can Mask Mental Health Issues (s3e07)

How Truth and Lies Get Distorted with Shame (s3e08)

Authenticity and leadership as an Asian American (s3e09)

Shame and Technology (s3e10)

Faith and Shame, Religion and Spirituality (s3e11)

Living Bi-Culturally: Family, College, and Dating (s3e12)

What if You Revealed Your Secret Struggles? (s3e13)

Filipino-American identity, history, and cultural expectations (s3e14)

Creativity can help you overcome trauma and shame (s3e15)

Southeast Asian-American realities of shame (s3e16)

What you don’t know about shame that affects you deeply (s3e17)

Leadership & entrepreneurship within shame cultures (s3e18)

Lao experiences of shame in America (s3e19)

What could happen in 5 months? (s3e20)