Healthy ways to release painful and toxic emotions (s3e03)

What happens when we don’t process our emotions? Pent up emotional toxicity weighs us down in our body, mind and spirit. Emotions are meant to be fully processed and follow a full course of action within our physical body, and then be released outward from our body into productive spaces/activities. When the expression of those natural emotions become suppressed, our mind and bodies will process them in unhealthy ways. Here’s a first step to learning about healthy ways to releasing toxic energy and emotions for a healthier mind and body.

Show Notes


80% of Thoughts are Negative… 95% are Repetitive

How Negative Emotions Can Affect Your Health

Ignoring Your Emotions Is Bad for Your Health. Here’s What to Do About It (Time Magazine, February 2018)

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How to create positive affirmations for your life:

80 Powerful Affirmations That Could Change Your Life (mindvalley blog)

5 Steps to Make Affirmations Work for You: Learn how to make affirmations work for you. (Psychology Today)

Life Skills International; Life Skills San Diego

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