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Reversing Shame and Receiving Honor

Steve Hong of Kingdom Rice, with co-host DJ Chuang, really get into the hefty topic of shame and honor cultures, the value of our origin stories, how God reverses our shame and elevates us to a place of honor, and much more.

We can’t cover everything in 30 minutes, but we sure covered more about shame and honor than the average episode, with plenty of bibliographical citations sprinkled throughout. Level up for this meaty conversation about honor and shame.

Show Notes

Kingdom Rice

Chinatown Through the Eyes of God: An Evening of Storytelling, Healing, and Solidarity

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel: Reframing Our Message and Ministry—edited by Christopher Flanders and Werner Mischke, includes a chapter by Steve Hong [order on]

More show notes from Steve Hong & Kingdom Rice:

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