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Pastors’ Kids Unlearning Legalism (s7e05)

Gracie Joo is a 2nd generation Asian-American and daughter of a Korean pastor. She illustrates and magnifies God’s heart for specific burdens that pastors’ kids are born into with stories about her upbringing. These illustrations involve and are not limited to Dollar Tree Christmases, hand-me-downs from church eonnies, car misfortunes, a gifted and personalized Lexus, and the Holy’s Spirit’s timely providence of friendship and perceptive reflection.

God’s heart for pastors’ kids goes beyond the rebellious-or-faithful-pastors’-kid spectrum. The Church has a special opportunity to demonstrate God’s compassion and not merely take from a pastor’s family. Church members often place Pastors’ kids on high and unwanted pedestals with a scrutinous gaze, as if the kids’ behavior measures the faith of their parents. In this conversation, Victoria Cheng and Gracie Joo peel back a few personal layers and dig into socialized legalism and their Asian immigrant church experience.

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Victoria Cheng


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