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How We’re Made to Belong to a Healthy Community and 5 Steps to Cultivating One (s6e23)

David Kim, author of the new book, “Made to Belong: Five Practices for Cultivating Community in a Disconnected World” shares his life experiences that led up to writing this valuable resource for church leaders and followers of Christ to practical and doable ways to overcome loneliness in our times. Recorded live on YouTube.

Show Notes

David Kim’s website + follow on Instagram @davidjanghyunkim

David Kim is discipleship pastor at WestGate Church (Silicon Valley, California)

David Kim’s other book: A Kids Book About Change – selected as #OprahsFavoriteThings list of 2020!

These Things Ruined My Life – David Kim’s video clip that went viral, which was excerpted from this May 2019 message, “Where Have You Been, and Where Are You Going?

One of the most commonly documented ailments of the modern soul is loneliness, which could be defined as “the emotional state of being disconnected.” But if that’s the problem, then how do we get authentic connection? Using details from his own journey as an immigrant to New York City, and then a transplant to Boston and then later, the Bay Area, pastor David Kim shares how a search for connection led him down false (and destructive) roads. He’ll also share how story of God in Genesis 16 helped him understand and live in the healing reality that he is seen, heard and valued.

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