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Healing from trauma is possible and here’s where to start (s6e21)

Many of us Asians and Asian Americans have experienced trauma in our lives, from recent events as well as from past events, possibly even from generations past.

This short episode answers 2 basic questions: What is trauma? How do we begin to heal from our trauma?

Thanks to the Trauma Healing Institute and their free resources via Creative Commons share-alike license, they share 3 questions to ask someone who is hurting. Learn how to listen to people who are in pain.

And we close this episode with a reading of the Asian American Christian Collaborative Statement on the Gun Violence in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay—

Show Notes

Download free resources from

  • Trauma Healing Basics Discussion Guide
  • 3 simple questions, and listening without offering judgment or solutions
  • Recognizing Trauma

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What is trauma?

Healing from Trauma

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