Episodes Mental Health Series

Asian American, Christian, and Queer?

What happens when these three things intersect and collide? Dr. Jessica ChenFeng speaks compassionately to the complexities of being Asian American, Christian, and queer. How does fear affect parental and community reactions? Is there a clear journey toward healing? It is not always clear, but always possible.


Our summer series, Erasing Shame about Mental Health, releases a new episode every week thru August 2018! We are having honest talk about healthy living, by Asian Americans for Asian Americans and everyone else too. 


  • Made possible by California Mental Health Services Authority in collaboration with Asian American Christian Counseling Service and support from viewers like you!
  • Produced by the Erasing Shame Team—DJ Chuang, Natalie Hsieh, Eunice Lee
  • Interview by Jeremiah Chuang
  • Videography by Michael Kitada
  • Video Bumper by Michael Chang,
  • Audio Mixing by YaBo Audio

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