Season 1 of Erasing Shame

The first season of the Erasing Shame podcast was co-hosted by DJ Chuang and Eunice Lee.

What is shame? What it looks like and feels like? Episode 1

Unearthing our Humanness: Episode 2

Not Belonging Anywhere: Episode 3

Feeling Worthless: Episode 4

After a Month of Talking about Shame: Episode 5

How can feeling the need to perform on the outside keep shame hidden on the inside? (Episode 6) with Natalie Hsieh

Breaking Free of Shame and Anxiety: Episode 7 with Dr. Martin Hsia

A community without shame? Episode 8 with Liz Lin

Handling Questions about Shame: Episode 9

Parenting without shame: Episode 10 with Iris Chen

Moving from Shame to Self-Compassion: Episode 11 with Dr. Lisa Chu

What’s so bad about sex addiction? Episode 12 with Dr. Roy Kim

Breaking Free of Generational Addictions: Episode 13 with Sam Louie

Top 3 Reasons People Get Help: Episode 14 with Fannie Tam

What do you wish someone would have told you? (Episode 15) with Annie Choi

And to see our first run at podcasting, using the Facebook Live and platform, watch or listen at Erasing Shame: Pilot Episode 0 (Season 1).