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What if saving sex for marriage isn’t so great?

This is a sex talk from a Korean American Christian woman. Not the kind of talk that’s a presentation or lecture. Hanna talks honestly about her very own story of discovering quite a number of unexpected things that she even described as traumatic.

Here’s why it’s important. Because when talking about sex is taboo growing up in an Asian American community, marital sex can be difficult, even dysfunctional. Hanna exposes her own struggles with sexual shame. She offers hope for navigating relationships with spouses, family, and church people.


We are having honest talk about healthy living. We will talk about hard topics like sexuality, depression, anxiety, family history, mental illness. There is no shame in sharing one’s pain.


  • Made possible by California Mental Health Services Authority in collaboration with Asian American Christian Counseling Service and support from viewers like you!
  • Produced by the Erasing Shame Team—DJ Chuang, Natalie Hsieh, Eunice Lee
  • Interview by Jeremiah Chuang
  • Videography by Michael Kitada
  • Video Bumper by Michael Chang,
  • Audio Mixing by YaBo Audio

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