We are about erasing shame. This podcast is erasing shame through honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, relationally, mentally, personally, and so on.

During the first season of the Erasing Shame podcast, we will look at many aspects and dimensions of shame, as if we were walking around a circle. And, we want to shine some light on these areas to help people take steps towards healthy living and becoming more whole and human. For the summer series, we focused erasing shame about mental health in Asian American communities. Now into our second season, we continue our explorations and sharing discoveries in understanding shame and responding in healthy ways.

We are erasing shame together. We’re in this together.

Podcast Co-Hosts

DJ Chuang is currently working as an internet engineer and lives in Orange County, California. As an Asian American of Chinese descent, who immigrated at the age of 8, he grew up in a traditional Chinese family, even though he didn’t understand some of what was going on. He has personally experienced how shame-based cultures can hold people back from human flourishing and healthy living . He is also a blogger at djchuang.com.

Season 2 Co-Host

Maylee Chang works as a qualified Licensed Professional Counselor with Family Revelations in Minnesota. She graduated from Northwestern College and Wheaton College Graduate School. In addition to English, she speaks Hmong and Thai languages.

Season 1 Co-Host

Eunice Lee grew up on the East Coast and came to Los Angeles 10 years ago to work in non-profit for Asian-Americans youth. Since then, she has worked with undocumented women in domestic violent relationships and children who have experienced abuse. She has seen how shame can take us hostage and keep us from emotional and relational freedom. As a parent, she hope this dialogue of erasing shame will give her son more freedom, empathy and connection as we learn how not to live under shame. Eunice work as a therapist in LA, specializing in bi-cultural and cross-cultural individual and family issues. Website: euniceleetherapy.com