Erasing Shame

Welcome to the Erasing Shame podcast—honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, relationally, mentally, and personally.

Our podcast recording sessions for Season 1 will be livestreamed on Facebook Live, on Thursdays at 7:00pm Pacific / 10:00pm Eastern. Audience participation is welcomed!

You can also watch on-demand at YouTube. And, subscribe on iTunes, Android, Google Play, Stitcher, or email, for automatic delivery of new episodes.

Erasing Shame co-hosts DJ Chuang and Eunice Lee would love to hear from you any time. Contact us (anonymously, if you’d like) and we’ll keep our communications confidential.

(as you can see, this website is not yet completely built; just like the podcast, we’re building it as we go.. thank you for being a part of this project.. would you like to help? Let us know.)