Prep for Erasing Shame

Thank you for accepting our invitation to be a special guest on the Erasing Shame podcast! Here’s a few things to know:

the Format is Conversational

We typically talk for around 30 minutes, in an unhurried and unscripted fashion. The vibe we’re going for is a coffee table chat, and our audience sits at the table with us to listen in on our lively conversations. This relational tone helps people to relate on a human level and that’s what will help us all towards erasing shame about mental health.

The recording will not be edited, except when/if there are terrible distractions or things that you as the guest wants to removed after reconsidering what you’ve shared. If you want to review the post-production edit (that’d include intro & outro, just ask.)

Scheduling a Recording Session

Please schedule a recording time that works for you at if you’re talking with DJ Chuang.

(Or, please directly coordinate a time with the co-host you’re recording with, if it’s someone else.)

Technical Requirements

Our recording session is done via Zoom video call for convenience sake, and it allows us to more easily distribute the episode on YouTube, Facebook and podcast channels everywhere. This means you’d want to look visually presentable.

The Zoom meeting link is

Please login a few minutes before the scheduled time and test your audio and video are working. Using earbud headphones and a quality microphone would be best, when possible. (Anything is better than using nothing, i.e. please don’t just use the built-in audio on your laptop or smartphone.)

Adding Show Notes

Please email DJ Chuang at [email protected] with links and resources you’d like to share. For ease of use, just fill out this form; how’s that? Happy to include that with the episode!