Shame Assessment Quiz

Quiz Instructions

This quiz consists of 30 questions, Your answers will be kept confidential and no name or contact info will be requested or recorded.

Respond to each question by selecting True or False. When in doubt, base your response on the answer that appears most correct.

About This Quiz

It is not easy to assess your shame. Part of this difficulty lies in the fact that the more shame you have, the greater your denial with be. This Shame Indicator is a self-assessment tool that helps identify the level of your shame. As self-assessment is meant to be constructive and confidential, you must be committed to answering the questions honestly and thoughtfully in order to gain an accurate appraisal of your shame. The resulting information can then guide you in recovery.

* from "Looking Good Outside, Feeling Bad Inside: Freedom from the Shame That Hides the Real You" by Curtis Levang, Ph.D., pp. 9-12. (Source)